Bottom up blinds – the best solution for keeping privacy while letting the sun in

Are you fed up with passers by “inadvertently” peeping through your window while you’re attempting to relax on the sofa with your feet up? Not so peaceful, is it? Or when you’re dancing spontaneously in the kitchen area while making a dinner? (that’s totally me!) Well, if you’ve been having a hard time to find the very best option to keep those “meddlesome peepers” far from your windows but you do not wish to sit with your blinds took down all the time, then BOTTOM UP BLINDS are what you’re searching for! And did I mention that they do all that while letting the sun into your home too? Sounds like the best solution to your problem? Then continue reading …

Bottom up blinds are not the latest discovery, however they are brand-new to me. We’ve decided to purchase one for our living room. And we could not be happier!

What precisely are bottom up blinds?
Picking the best blinds for your home (particularly for the front of your house) can sometimes prove extremely difficult. We all wish to maintain the privacy and let the natural light gather at the same time. Bottom up blinds, as the name suggest, are created so that they can be brought up from the bottom of the window.

They can also be taken down, just like any other blinds. This creative design likewise enables the blind to be positioned at any point on the window, controlling the amount of light and personal privacy you desire at any time of the day (this is my favourite alternative). The blinds can be quickly adjusted with a cord and a pulley-block system. They use a terrific solution for spaces which are ignored allowing you personal privacy whilst letting the daylight in through the top of the window. They can also be pulled all the way down for the night, obscuring the view completely.

Bottom up blinds can be fitted like any other blinds at the top of the window with cord and pulley system or they can be fitted onto each panel of the window independently. Whichever type you pick, you can be sure they are going to be as stylish as practical.

What’s more …
And if that’s inadequate, bottom up blinds can likewise lower the heat loss thanks to their distinct honeycomb innovation. They can conserve you as much as 25% on your energy costs! (which’s a new cushion or 2).

Undoubtedly there are other options to this typical issue, like window film or sheer blinds. However unlike bottom up blinds they can’t be pulled down during the night time. That indicates they need to be paired with drapes or another blinds for a total personal privacy when it’s dark outside. With bottom up blinds it is like having all this in one! So if you’re not a huge fan of curtains or you just desire the simple appearance of the blinds that in fact operate at the same time, bottom up blinds are your brand-new best friend!

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